Stress Control - Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

Stress is part of modern life. Four out of ten people in Britain say that it is a big problem for them. It is one of the most common reasons for people seeing their GP.

Even though it is so common, people are often not aware of it, and may find it hard to accept. Instead, they may ask their GP for tablets to help an upset stomach, headaches, chest pains, poor sleep etc, which may be to do with stress.

People under stress often feel they are losing control over their lives and that they can't cope with things everyone else seems to cope with.

Stress can affect anyone and everyone - young or old, male or female, rich or poor, outgoing or shy. You are not strange, inadequate, mad or stupid because you have stress...stress is normal.

People under stress are often told "Pull yourself together" - if it was that simple, you would have done it already. No one wants to have too much stress. The causes of stress and what keeps it going are complex - but, you can learn to control your stress better.

The Stress Control course has been designed to help people learn to control their stress better. Each week, you will learn new stress control tools. As the course goes on, you will learn how to out these together. At the end of the course, you will have a tool kit that you will be able to put into practice.

The course lasts for 6 weeks.

Each week, one 2 hour class.
Between sessions, practise using the tools learned.
There is a manual that goes with the course - this will be yours to keep.

The 6 sessions are:

Learning about stress - click here for an excerpt
Controlling your body
Controlling your thoughts
Controlling your actions - click here for an excerpt
Controlling your panic, medication
Controlling your sleep, wellbeing and future

Although you do not need a referral you may need to register in advance due to fire regulations and covid restrictions. As Stress Control is an open access course it is for adults only. Please check in advance by following the links below.


For courses in the Vale of Glamorgan - next course is starting Wednesdays 4-6pm, for six weeks, starting on 29th June and ending on 3rd August, at Colcot Leisure Centre in Colcot Rd, Barry, CF62 8UJ, for more info and contact details please click here. 

For Stress Control in Cardiff  click here

This is a course for adults only.

Please note that although you can come to either course they do take different approaches, for this reason we recommend that you do not attend ACT-ion for Living and Stress Control at the same time.