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Please be aware that due to the current situation in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) all face to face open access groups such as Stress Control and ACT-ion for Living, and referral groups such as Living Life to the Full are now suspended until further notice, however there are online alternatives - please see the corresponding pages for details. For more information and resources please see

Local mental health services 

The next step might be to find another organisation in the community that might help. There are both organisations that provide services and those that provide opportunities to work with them. 

Dewis Cymru

Dewis Cymru is the place for information about well-being in Wales. People say that it's not easy to find the right information, at the right time, presented in the right way. The Dewis Cymru website aims to help you by providing quality information from a network of social care, health and third sector organisations across Wales. 

The Primary Mental Health Support Service recommends Cardiff and Vale Action for Mental Health - a charity working to improve Mental Health and Wellbeing in Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan. Cavamh manages a directory of local mental health services which is available at might also try NHS Direct Wales: and