Living Life to the Full (CBT)

Living Life to the Full (CBT) in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

What are Living Life to the Full (CBT) based groups?

Our group programmes are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques used to manage common issues such as Stress, Worry, Anxiety and Depression. CBT is a psychological approach which explores the way we think, feel and act and how these are linked.

The aim of these programmes is to help you to gain more control of your feelings. Sessions are designed to enable you to develop practical ways to increase your well being in small steps. The topics covered are interesting and can be relevant to everyone no matter what their circumstances. You will also be encouraged to put your new skills to use between each session.

Will I have to discuss personal issues and problems?

You may wish to share things that you are comfortable talking about with your group but you are not obliged to share anything you don’t want to.

How long do the groups last?

All our groups are delivered through weekly sessions. To get the most benefit from the group we would encourage you to attend all sessions. Please confirm details of your group when booking.

   Duration     Session time
   7 weeks    2 hours per session


Who will be there?

Our groups are delivered in a small group format allowing for comfortable discussion. All those attending will have had an assessment with Primary Mental Health Support Service. All our groups are facilitated by mental health practitioners.

It is natural for people to feel anxious about meeting their group for the first time. However, due to the informal and supportive environment, this usually disappears after the initial session.

How do I book a place?

To ensure these group programmes are as accessible as possible, we will be holding the courses in a range of venues across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan and at a variety of different times of the day and evening to suit individual schedules. To access Living Life to the Full please ensure a referral is made to the Primary Mental Health Support Service for assessment via your GP or Community Mental Health Team in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.