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Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is a new psycho-education programme that has been developed for refugees and asylum seekers with mental health problems of mild to moderate severity. Healthy Minds aims to increase individuals understanding and management of mental health difficulties and to strengthen resilience skills. This 4 week programme aims to give people coping tools to help them to deal with ongoing mental health problems such as low mood, anxiety, depression, and stress. The programme content focuses on stress and anxiety management; improving sleeping and managing feelings of loss and sadness; recognising strengths and resilience; coping with uncertainty about the future. Sessions are delivered in English and it is anticipated that group members will support one another to engage with and make sense of the session content.

This initiative has been developed as a result of a working group comprised of CHAP, PMHSS, Diverse Cymru, Links CMHT, Hamadryad CMHT, The Traumatic Stress Service and Mind Cymru and will delivered by members of staff from PMHSS and Diverse Cymru. Healthy Minds was originally developed and delivered by health and third sector services in Swindon and has been found to be beneficial for service users.

Referral criteria

  • The Individual has recently been assessed by either PMHSS or CMHT. Referrals to either of these services is normally via referral from GP.
  • Has mental health problems of mild to moderate severity
  • Is able to speak and understand at least at a basic level English.
  • Is likely to be able to participate in a group based programme
  • Is ready and motivated to commit to attending weekly sessions
  • Is likely to respect the ideas and viewpoints from people of other backgrounds, ethnic groups and the opposite sex.
  • Not currently suicidal or likely to require crisis support
  • Is not actively psychotic or experiencing high levels of arousal/ agitation

If you are unsure about whether a service user is appropriate for the programme please feel free to call Julian Willett (PMHSS 02920 906259), Sarah Sweeney (Diverse Cymru 02920 368888) or Neil Roberts (Traumatic Stress Service 02920 688489). 

This course is not currently running, however if you feel that it could be beneficial, please contact the PMHSS for further information about future courses.  

Contact us:
02920 906223