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Children and Young People

The Primary Mental Health Team meet with young people (under 18 years) and their families to help with a range of difficulties including anxiety, low mood, stress, and relationship difficulties, to name a few.

This assessment appointment will be with a member of the team and will last approximately one hour. It is a chance to get to know you better and we welcome anyone who wants to attend and contribute to the conversation.

We will ask you questions about what is currently going on at home, at school, and what other professionals may be involved at the moment, or have been previously.

During this appointment you will have the chance to ask questions and for us to decide together what the next best step is. Sometimes, this assessment appointment is all that is needed. On other occasions, it may be appropriate to think about other services that could support you, or it may be that the Primary Mental Health Team can continue to support you.

Due to the high number of referrals we receive, there may be a wait if you decide that you would like one-to-one support from a member of our team. We aim to see young people and their families as soon as we can and appreciate how frustrating it can be to wait. If concerns are raised that require immediate attention then we will respond to this in a timely manner.

We often have students or psychology trainees with us so please let us know if you would prefer them not to sit in on the appointment (no more than one student would be present).  

If you have any concerns or questions please call us on 02920 536795.

Useful resources:

Meic Cymru 0808 8023456 (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Free advocacy, information and advice helpline for children and young people

 Families First 0808 8000038 (Freephone)
 Offering advice/help to find the most appropriate service in Cardiff for children, young people  and families

      Supporting young people with mental health, emotional wellbeing and risk taking behaviours

    Mind Hub 
     An information service organised by Cardiff Youth Service

Contact us:
02920 536795